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risto spiaggia
ristoro  spiaggia

Matured Marbled or Grassfed
The itineraries of an evening can be many but they all start from an entrèe or a tasting of typical Iberian or local specialities.
The soul of the restaurant is enclosed in the charcoal oven which, unlike a grill , gives the meat aroma and character through apple or cherry shavings.
Definitely the only Braceria Restaurant on the Cavallino Treporti beach .

grill carne grigliata
Ristorante Cavallino.jpg
Josper-Grill spiaggia_edited.jpg
costata bbq
pizza ristorante treporti
hamburger gourmet


FOR LUNCH : Salads, fish dishes and snacks
AT DINNER:   Only Meat!! appetizers, first courses and fine meats from all over the world
All rigorously cooked in a charcoal oven.

mussels treporti.png


  • Tecia Mussels and Clams
  • Citrus Marinated Salmon
  • Cuttlefish mignon in the pan
  • Platter of typical cold cuts
  • Iberian cold cuts platter
  • Fassona's joke
  • Burratina with 20 month old Parma rocket and cherry tomatoes
  • Parmigiana millefeuille
  • Sorrento style bruschetta
  • The Frittini .
carbonara restaurant cavallino.jpg


  • Spaghetti Bisque with scampi and prawns

  • Octopus linguine with Taggiasca olives and crispy braid

  • Spaghetti Clams

  • Mussel and saffron linguine with beech tuna flakes

  • Risotto with burnt herring and crunchy black cabbage chips

  • pappardelle with duck ragu

  • Ravioli with ......... and Mantequilla with Tasmanian pepper

  • Spaghetti with aromatic herbs, local tomato stracciatella from Puglia

  • Carbonara with bacon CBT

ribeye restaurant Soiaggia


  • Mixed fried fish

  • Fried octopus with sage

  • s

  • Various rib/Fiorentina steaks with various maturations and origins cooked over charcoal and smoked with various essences

  • Choice of cuts of various origins with side dishes

  • Fillet with fondue and baked potatoes

  • Beef Ribs - Pork Ribs

  • and so on

caprese sea restaurant


  • Scandinavian salad with Scottish salmon
  • Summer salad with tuna
  • English Salad with Cherry Smoked Roast Beef
  • AIA salad with chicken
  • Rice salad
gourmet beach burger

Gourmet burgers

  • Classic Burger
  • Sound Burger
  • Roman burger
  • Tasty burger
  • Burger Summer
  • Greek burger
  • Gourmet Fish Hamburger


  • Tostone
  • Stuffed Tostone
  • Club Sandwich
  • Piadina Romagnola
  • Emilian Piadina
  • Baguette Various Fillings
  • French fries
  • Mix of fried foods: vegetables, mozzarella, nuggets, etc
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